Ellie Media Team

Amber Tribble

Founder, Designer & Developer

After working for nearly two decades in media and film, Amber founded Tribble Media in 2012 out of Seattle and Los Angeles.

Expert Skills:  HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Illustrator, Photoshop, E-commerce, UX/UI, Videography & Marketing, Chatfuel, AI

Ankita Chowdhary


Ankita is an experienced web developer who joined the Ellie team in 2015. She holds a BS in computer science and is proficient in a wide array of the most commonly used computer systems and programing.

Expert Skills: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, C++, Ruby on Rails

Richard Williams


Self taught video and cinematic professional, Richard has been a cinematographer for films, documentaries and sporting events.

Expert Skills:  Videography, Pre-Production, Lighting, Photography (Headshots, Architecture, Sports, Nature) & Editing



With 15 years experience in both television and web design, Kai is a multi-media specialist. When he isn’t designing websites, he is shooting Mariner’s Games at Safeco Field.

Expert Skills: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, CMS, Copy Editing, Style Guides, Production, Videography



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