Jun 27

What drives design trends?

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What are the key modifiers of design trends?

Ten years ago design styles such as bevels, rounded corners, drop shadows and gradients were all the rage.

Not today.

Flat, clean, and simple are the design principles for 2016.

So what makes a design trend popular?

Technology:   Website trends are largely influenced by advancements in technology and tools.  The top developers of themes determine what is “in”.

Users: the landscape of good design is influenced by the greatest number of consensus about what “works” and what is easiest to use.

Other creative fields: Trends in fashion, graphic design, magazines, car designs all influence the direction of website design and standards. Pantone comes out with a “color of the year” that fashion, designers and web designers follow.

Google:  Google is king and developers follows its recommendations.   For example, Google provides “Google fonts” and makes recommendations such as building mobile-friendly websites.

Technology is always evolving and websites are increasingly becoming more beautiful and user-friendly.  As a developer and designer, it is a lot of fun to stay on top of the forefront.

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