Jun 27

What drives design trends?

Laptop Splash

What are the key modifiers of design trends? Ten years ago design styles such as bevels, rounded corners, drop shadows and gradients were all the rage. Not today. Flat, clean, and simple are the design principles for 2016. So what makes a design trend popular? Technology:   Website trends are largely influenced by advancements in technology and tools.  The […]

Jun 25

Best Ways to Encourage Sales


One of the number one factors for getting any sale online is the customer perceptions of trustworthiness of the website. Although this does include great design, there are other important aspects to engendering trust with your customers: Mobile Optimization Optimizing for mobile users is a must. Use of mobile devices has now surpassed use of […]

Jun 24

Awwwards lists 6 top design trends

Web Design Trends 2016

Awwwards is a collective of website professionals that recognize and promote talent and effort of top developers and designers internationally. They recently itemized the top design trends of 2016…Let’s have a look at what they listed: Similar UI Patterns.  WordPress has a hand in this.  Many developers have put their finger on what is the […]

Jun 14

Importance of Videos for Ecommerce

The Important of Video for E-Commerce

Creating high quality videos for an e-commerce site may appear initially like a big challenge, but statistics show it’s a great investment. Let’s look at the numbers: 73% more e-commerce visitors who watch a product video will buy. 71% of consumers think video explains the product better. 57% of consumers are less surprised by products […]

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