Jun 25

Best Ways to Encourage Sales


One of the number one factors for getting any sale online is the customer perceptions of trustworthiness of the website. Although this does include great design, there are other important aspects to engendering trust with your customers:

    • Display social proof. This includes testimonials and social media links. People like to see that others are using and liking the product too.
    • Be secure. Most people know to look for the “s” after http now, but it doesn’t hurt to display badges or icons to reiterate you are providing a safe environment for purchases.
    • Be human. Faces adds to trustworthiness.  Scams are often hidden in anonymity.  Show your customers who you are.
    • Offer clear guarantees and returns. This helps to mitigate the risk to the customer.

Mobile Optimization

Optimizing for mobile users is a must. Use of mobile devices has now surpassed use of desktops or laptops as a percentage of daily time by U.S. adult users. This means there’s a good chance people will be browsing your store on a mobile device.

Use Cart Abandonment Emails

Every ecommerce store experiences cart abandonment, but this is a hole you can potentially fill by using a cart abandonment email.  There are customized automated emails as well as services that capture customer details and emails those emails to remind them to finish their purchase.

Encourage Impulse Buys

There are many ways to go encouraging impulse buys.   Here are some of the most common strategies:

  • Offer upsells or side-sells – There are apps and customizations to encourage “you may also like” or offering a discount at checkout.
  • Flash sales – sales with a time limit.
  • Stock levels – If something is in limited supply, displaying that will encourage customers to get the product while it is still avilable.

User Experience

There is a lot of talk surrounding  user experience.  Generally user experience covers anything on your site that impacts your customer – from load speed to organization of information.  This means you should ensure that the site is logical, easy and has no areas of confusion.

The best approach for this is to engage others to test your site and make modifications.  Aim to keep content fast, simple and enjoyable so that your customer can buy with confidence.

Customer Service

Sometimes a customer will leave a store because they have an unanswered question.  For this reason, you may want to consider a live chat service (ex. Bold Chat or LiveZilla) or a help ticket service (ex. Help Scout).  The key is in how quickly you respond to inquiries.

These are just a few tips to optimize your e-commerce site to increase sales.  Stay tuned for more advice on our blog!

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